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Coffee: A Love Story

My wife and I always drink coffee after dinner...always. After 30 years together, it's where we catch up, chat about our days, and talk about our dreams. Usually, the dinner and conversation are much better than the actual coffee. On a warm summer night we had an amazing dinner followed by amazing coffee. For the first time ever, our conversation shifted to how good the coffee tasted. What were the flavors we were tasting, where did the beans originate, who treated the beans so lovingly...we had to find out all the details. 

And so began our journey of bringing the perfect coffee to your home. Delicious coffee should not be restricted to fancy restaurants and exotic locations. You should be able to experience Luxurious, Indulgent, Flavorful and Exquisite coffee every day, in the comfort of your own home.  

Join us in this LIFE Experience and never leave home without the perfect cup of coffee again.

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